Big Boss 17: Salman Khan Comforts Ayesha Khan in Medical Room


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Bigg Boss

Salman Khan, the charismatic host of Big Boss 17, showed a humane side as he entered the medical room to console Ayesha Khan. Her emotional turmoil began after Salman expressed disapproval of her behavior, leaving her visibly upset.

Salman’s Gesture in the Medical Room:

  • Salman visited Ayesha in the medical room post the heated episode.
  • Ayesha, distressed after Salman’s reprimand, received medical attention.
  • Salman’s compassionate presence aimed at soothing her emotional distress.

Ayesha’s Serious Turn:

  • Ayesha Khan’s demeanor took a serious turn after receiving medical assistance.
  • Salman Khan, concerned, initiated a personal conversation within the Big Boss house.
  • The gravity of the situation prompted Salman to address Ayesha’s emotional well-being.
Bigg Boss

Ayesha’s Background and Relationship Dynamics:

  • Ayesha Khan has been grappling with relationship dynamics, particularly with contestant Munawar Faruqui.
  • In a recent episode, Ayesha’s emotional breakdown was evident, with glimpses of her solitary moments in the garden area.
  • Concerned housemates escorted her to a room where a doctor conducted a check-up.

Salman’s Candid Interaction:

  • Salman Khan, in the weekend episode, directly addressed Ayesha and Munawar about their relationship.
  • Salman questioned Ayesha’s motives for participating in the show, seeking clarity on her intentions.
  • Ayesha’s response centered around seeking forgiveness for misunderstandings, prompting Salman’s witty remark about needing national television for apologies.

Salman’s Guidance:

  • Salman Khan emphasized that conflicts and debates are part of relationships, but such behavior is not suitable for a television show.
  • Expressing his dissatisfaction with their portrayal, Salman remarked on the ‘game’ they seemed to be playing.
  • Salman’s stern yet caring guidance aimed at fostering a healthier environment in the Big Boss house.

Salman’s Parting Words:

  • Salman Khan concluded his conversation, pointing out that the displayed relationship did not reflect a harmonious one.
  • He questioned the authenticity of their connection, highlighting the apparent discord.

Show Schedule:

  • Big Boss 17 airs on Colors TV every day at 10 PM from Monday to Friday and at 9:30 PM on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).
  • For uninterrupted 24×7 streaming, viewers can catch Big Boss 17 on JioCinema.
Salman Khan's intervention in the medical room showcases the host's genuine concern for the emotional well-being of the contestants. As the drama unfolds, viewers are left anticipating the resolution of conflicts and the restoration of a more harmonious atmosphere within the Big Boss house.

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